• The NHC ABC Annual Health & Wellness Grant provides funding for projects/programs providing education, prevention, treatment and/or research for alcohol and/or substance abuse (substance use disorder) per Chapter 18B-805 (h) of the North Carolina General Statutes.

Read more about the Annual Health & Wellness Grant here.

Grants will be made only to New Hanover County non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organizations exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to governmental entities such as the State of North Carolina and its agencies, municipal corporations and political subdivisions of the State. A fiscal agent/sponsorship arrangement will not be considered.

  • Funding is restricted to organizations with 501(c)(3) determination letters located in and serving residents of New Hanover County.
  • Applicant organizations must demonstrate: (1) a strong case for support; (2) alignment with the grant funding focus; and (3) ability to deliver results for the project/program for which they are applying.
  • It is incumbent upon the applicant to carefully read the grant eligibility Guidelines and Terms  prior to beginning the application process.

The application period will OPEN on Saturday, February 1, 2025 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

  • Note: An LOI must be submitted by the applicant and approved by the Board before the applicant gains access to the full application. LOI’s are due by Saturday, February 15, 2025 at 11:59pm.

The application period will CLOSE on Friday, February 28, 2025 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

  • The application deadline will be strictly adhered to. An applicant organization will not be able to submit an application or be considered for an award after the application period closes.

The Annual Health & Wellness Grant provides funding from $10,000 to $100,000 for a one (1) year project period or ongoing programs. All awards are made at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Yes. The Annual Grant Program has a priority preference for projects/programs that that are new, innovative or demonstrate a significant enhancement to existing projects/programs.

It depends!

For grant requests above $25,000, the annual grant program requires an independent audit by a licensed certified public accountant dated within two (2) years (2022 or 2023 audits only).

For grant requests $25,000 and below, a review completed by a licensed certified public accountant within two (2) years (2022 or 2023 reviews only) will be sufficient.

There will be no exceptions.

Yes. Site visits generally take place during the last week of April.

No. Applications are ONLY accepted through the Foundant Online Grants Management System.

Please contact Lauren Iammatteo, Outreach and Communications Specialist, at liammatteo@nhcabc.com with any questions.

For the best user experience when accessing the Foundant online grants management system, please use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 14 or higher; Firefox 9 or higher; Safari 4 or higher. Use of this online grant management system is highly discouraged with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as technical issues may arise.

After logging into the Foundant online grants management system, click the “Apply” button on the top left of the page. This link will take you to a list of available grant opportunities.

If a grant program cannot be found, its deadline may have already passed or it may not have opened yet.

This means the Tax ID number entered by the applicant organization is registered in the system and already has an existing account. Please DO NOT create a duplicate account.

To receive log on credentials, please contact Lauren Iammatteo, Outreach & Communications Specialist at liammatteo@nhcabc.com.

They do not. At the bottom of the application is a “Save as Draft” button. It is highly recommended to save the application often and before logging out. Simply log in again when you are ready to continue working on the application.

Be sure to copy and paste your application responses into a separate Word document to save as backup.

No. It is strongly recommended that all application answers are spell checked in Microsoft Word prior to submission. Having numerous spelling and grammatical errors can be a poor reflection on the work of the applicant organization.

Clear and concise answers are very important, so long as all parts of application questions have been answered. The character counter, displayed below the entry field, will actively indicate how many characters have been entered and will also indicate when the character limit is being approached.

Saving a draft of the application is not allowed if the character limit has been exceeded.

There is NO requirement to reach the character limit!

No. In fairness to all applicant organizations, once the application process begins on February 1, 2025, the ABC Board and its representatives are unable to address any project-specific questions.

It is suggested that the applicant organization have its application reviewed prior to submission. This may help to find any errors and serve as a double check on the clarity of the proposed project/program request. The applicant organization may also consult with a professional grant writer as needed.

The ABC Board will not hold a pre-grant workshop. However, all applicant organizations that receive an award will be required to attend a mandatory post-award workshop during the month of June.

Please be sure to read the application requirements regarding file type and size prior to uploading any required attachments.

It is preferred that attached files are in PDF (.pdf) format unless indicated otherwise in the application. Other file types also accepted include Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx). Unacceptable file formats include the extensions: (.exe), (.com), (.vbs), and (.bat).

Please be sure to read the application requirements regarding file naming prior to uploading any required attachments. Give each file a name that identifies the applicant organization and the type of required document it represents.

For example, a file representing the organizational budget for the previous fiscal year could be named: OrgName-BudgetFY23. Do not use any symbols except for a period or a dash, as symbols can interfere with the upload process.

Keep file names concise while identifying the applicant organization and what the file represents.

The maximum size for each attachment varies. When an upload is requested in Foundant, the file size limit is shown next to the “Browse” button. The system will not accept files greater than this limit. Please note, if the file you wish to upload is a scan, ensure that your scanner’s settings have not contributed to a file size that is too large.

No. The Foundant online grants management system will NOT allow an application to be submitted unless all of the required materials are attached. Documents can be scanned into a PDF file for electronic submission. If a scanner is not available at the applicant organization, a copy shop or public library can scan them.

For application questions that request an uploaded attachment, click the Browse button and then choose the desired document from the user’s computer. The file name of the uploaded file will be indicated under the Browse button. Then save the application (button at the bottom of page). Pay attention to file names to avoid upload issues – remove extra periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character.

Only one (1) document can be uploaded per question.

There are two (2) ways to remove an uploaded file from an application:

Once the file has been uploaded, a delete button will appear below the file name. Clicking delete will remove the file.

To replace the file, a new file can be uploaded in its place. Simply upload the correct file to the question and the old uploaded file will be erased.

No. Applicant organizations can only upload a single document in response to an upload question. If an applicant has more than one (1) file for upload in response to a specific question, the files need to be combined either electronically or via scanning.

Double check that there are no symbols in the file name and the file type and size are allowable. If all is okay, then try one or more of these suggestions:

Sometimes the problem can be a corrupt file. Try saving a new, renamed version of the document.

Remove extra periods in the file name or replace them with a dash or underscore character.

Files that exceed the maximum file size limit will cause an error. Compress the files to create a smaller file.

Try saving the file as a different type. For instance, if a PDF (.pdf) file was uploaded, try uploading the original Word or Excel version of this document. If it is a Word (.doc or .docx) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) document, try saving it as a PDF (.pdf) file and then uploading this version. If a document was scanned to create a (.jpg) file, try saving it in a (.pdf) format instead. Please be aware when converting to a (.pdf) file that all pages of a multi-page document may not convert properly. Check before uploading.

Use a different computer to do the upload.

To get a paper copy of the application for the applicant organization’s records, log in to the application portal and choose the Application Packet link. This will create a PDF of the application to be printed or saved. The applicant organization will always have access to its application by logging back into the application portal, even after the application has been submitted.

There are a few common reasons why a user may lose edits. If the applicant stays on one page for an extended period of time without saving, the account may “time out” without warning. It is also possible that a weak internet connection momentarily disconnected the computer while working on the application.

As a safeguard, follow these recommendations:

Save the application often.

Cut and paste the application answers after each question into a Word document to save as backup.

To restore edits, try re-loading the internet page, as sometimes the browser will cache an older version of the page – OR – try logging out, wait a few minutes, and then log back in and re-open the application.

The Grants Evaluation Team will make award recommendations to the ABC Board at the May Board meeting. Applicant organizations will receive notice of grant status by May 31 (tentative) by email and/or USPS. Funding decisions are at the discretion of the ABC Board.

All grantees will be required to attend a mandatory post-award workshop during the month of June.

For further assistance with any technical issues that arise once the grant cycle has opened on February 1, 2025, please contact Lauren Iammatteo, Outreach and Communications Specialist, at liammatteo@nhcabc.com.