Community Outreach 

The New Hanover County ABC Board will start in its Fiscal Year 2022 directing part of its profits back to the community through a distribution under Alcohol Education. Most ABC Boards across North Carolina are required by state law to make this Alcohol Education distribution. New Hanover County ABC Board is one of the few Counties that were not required to make this distribution, but in 2020 made the decision to voluntarily start making this in the Fiscal Year 2022. Once we allocate funds needed to operate the system, the ABC Board must return at least seven percent (7%) of profits from the sale of distilled spirits to qualified non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations which are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to governmental entities such as the State of North Carolina and its agencies, municipal corporations, and political subdivisions of the State that provide substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, or research for the benefit of New Hanover County citizens.

Community Grantmaking

In 2020, the New Hanover County ABC Board looked to broaden the scope of giving to reach more nonprofits doing innovative and meaningful work in the community around substance abuse education, prevention, treatment or research by developing our own grant program. Each year, eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits may apply for grants by completing our grant application. If you know of a nonprofit that does innovative work in the field of substance abuse, please direct them to our grant program page for more information.