Board Chair - Zeke Partin

Board Vice-Chair - William Kopp

Board Member - Patricia Kusek

Board Member - Cedric Dickerson

Board Member - William Blair

General Manager- Tom Wolfe (Interim)

Board Members


The Goals of the Board and its employees are to achieve a reasonable balance in five general areas: (1) providing a high level of customer service, (2) contributing to the Boards beneficiaries, (3) maintaining a knowledgeable and dedicated workforce, (4) supporting efforts to ensure the legal sell and control of alcoholic beverages (5) maintaining sufficient working capital to sustain the future.

Board Meeting Schedule

New Hanover County ABC -  our history

January 16, 2019        8:30 A.M.

February 27, 2019       8:30 A.M.

March 20, 2019           8:30 A.M.

April 17, 2019              8:30 A.M.

May 15, 2019               8:30 A.M.

June 19, 2019              9:30 A.M.

​July 17, 2019                9:30 A.M.

August 19, 2019           10:30 A.M.

September 8, 2019      9:30 A.M.

October 16, 2019         9:30 A.M.

November 20, 2019     9:30 A.M.

The New Hanover County ABC Board was established under Session Law 1935-418 which was ratified May 11, 1935. The date of first retail sales was August 2, 1935.

The New Hanover County ABC Board was expanded from three members to five members effective October 1, 2010.

In 1937 North Carolina's General Assembly created a uniform system of controlling and regulating the sale of distilled spirits. A State Board of Control - The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission was established to oversee the issuance of alcohol permits, develop liquor administrative codes, determine product selections and establish uniform prices throughout the State.

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Our Goals

The Facts - ABC Board Basics