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We now offer very rare spirits that are categorized as "Boutique" - Please check your local New Hanover ABC Store for availability!

We have eight stores located in New Hanover County to serve you better!

If you do not find the product that you are looking for, it may be a Special Order.  Please contact us and we can help you order your spirit preference!

How our Sales Benefit Everyone!

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Tab!!!   The FY 2024 Grant Program Offered for Education, Prevention, Treatment and/or research of alcohol and/or substance abuse. Application period opens March 1, 2023.

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‚ÄčThere are more than 50 Distilleries in North Carolina.  Please visit our Products page to learn more.




We are offering to High School Seniors within New  Hanover County a scholarship to help pay for their upcoming college. There will be up to 14 students in New Hanover County that will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship. For information on how to apply please email us at newhanoverabc@nhcabc.com.